Roll-Off containers are a great tool if you’ve got a big project!  One thing to remember is that big projects mean big containers, and Roll-Offs are HEAVY, especially when you start dumping tons of materials into them. Therefore, you’ll need to think about what kind of surface your container is sitting on.  More likely than not your Roll-Off will be in your driveway, so what you’ll want to do is take a moment to protect your property against accidental damage!  Here are three important tips for protecting your surface:
1.  When possible, put the Roll-Off dumpster on concrete instead of asphalt
2.  Put the Roll-Off dumpster on the most level part of your driveway
3.  If possible, put the Roll-Off dumpster in a shaded area, especially when placing on asphalt. When asphalt gets hot it is susceptible to indentation.
**Note: Shamrock Trucking will place wood underneath the dumpster to prevent damage.